Board Members

Our Board

Hank Roberts, President

Hank Roberts, President

Pamela Langwasi

Pamela Langwasi, Board Member

Joseph Makotsi

Joseph Makotsi, Secretary

Karla Finnel, Board Member

Karla Finnel, Board Member




Hank Roberts (President) is a native Oklahoman who has lived more than half of his life teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) overseas. He has lived in France, Japan, Australia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He has always wanted to work with orphans and this project is his dream come true. He hopes that others like him will join him in this humanitarian effort.






Pamela Langwasi (Board Member) is a native Kenyan, mother of three teenage boys and a school teacher. It was Pamela’s close relationship to Joseph and her personal situation which initially attracted Hank to help needy children and families in Kenya.







Joseph Makotsi (Secretary) is native Kenyan, an English teacher with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from the University of Nairobi and an MA in English from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. He studied ESL in Brattelboro, VT and is currently enrolled at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, working towards a PhD in Education. Joseph has lived in several countries, is a grandfather, and his mother, Keziah, is the inspiration for the foundation.



Dr. Karla Finnell (Board Member) is the staff researcher for the Oklahoma Nutrition Education and Information Project (ONIE), a social marketing program promoting nutrition and physical activity among SNAP recipients. She has expertise in program development and evaluation. Karla is also a seasoned advocate for medically underserved populations and has been recognized for her leadership role in expanding access to primary health care services. In addition to her work at ONIE, she is a consultant for the FranaGroup, a consulting firm that provides an array of services to community health centers, and Management Solutions Consulting Group.

Karla earned her Doctorate in the field of Health Promotion Sciences in May, 2015. Her minor area of study was sociology and focused on the social determinants of health. She holds a law degree and has a Masters (MPH) in health policy and administration. Her undergraduate training was in finance.

Dr. Finnell’s additional professional experience includes serving as the Executive Director of the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved, and as the Deputy Director of the New Mexico Primary Care Association. She is also a Peace Corps alumnus, having volunteered in Uzbekistan, where she specialized in developing culturally appropriate primary care services. Before beginning her career in the public health, Dr. Finnell practiced law for more than twelve years.