Future Projects


Nursery Example

The 3-year plan of the project is as follows:


Phase 1 now completed!

Phase 1 involved securing the property with a main gate and perimeter fence of mesh link. A ‘living fence’ has been planted which will eventually hide the chain link. Also, a secure storage building for building materials has been built. This structure will later double as storage and guard house, which is why it is located next to the main gate. View Gallery…

Phase 2 of Year One will see the drilling of a water well with its pump tank and solar panel for electricity. The digging of a hole for a septic tank is also called for in this phase.

Phase 3 of Year One should see the construction of the first building that will include the nursery for the first infant residents, as well as a nursery kitchen, washing facility and sleeping room for nursery staff. The completion of this phase will allow for the first intakes and true beginning of the home.


Year Two will involve constructing dormitory rooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, small office area, lavatories and washing areas in its Phase 1.

Phase 2 of Year Two will involve building an infirmary to provide care not only for children in care, but also for new-borns who will become future residents. As needed, classroom space and instruction for young students will begin.


This year will involve building additional dormitories for new children in need as well as classrooms for both residents and local school children.



Dormitory Example