basic exterior shell in high grade African rural style construction

Exterior Shell in High-Grade African Rural Style


Construction techniques in Africa are much more rudimentary and often utilize more basic materials than are used in developed countries. Electrical wiring and running water are often added after the primary construction, with interior non-running water toilets being the exception. The prevalence of termites makes the usage of timber impractical. Instead, structures utilize clay bricks, mortar and plaster.

Interior non-running water toilet

Interior Non-Running Water Toilet



One-story structures are common due to their simplicity and accessibility (especially for small children), while two-story buildings are useful for staffing needs and classrooms. A compound layout is the most practical as buildings can be added as funds and needs arise.

Other building needs revolve around wells, latrines and water collection, storage and distribution. The keeping of livestock, mostly goats and chickens, also requires construction.

nearly-completed structure

Nearly-Completed Structure